10 Reasons to Visit Crete

1. There Is Something For Everyone Crete is a particularly attractive destination for family holidays, and one of the key reasons behind this is the sheer variety of things to do there. It is often put that Crete is a miniature version of the Greek mainland, and that rings true in many ways. There are three larger cities on the island, as well as number of relatively remote villages that also offer a variety of activities and accommodation opti...

Why to choose a villa for your vacation?

Passionate travelers who crave to discover the true soul of the places they visit and who seek to enrich their journeys with indelible experiences would hardly consider the typical hotel accommodation options. Staying at a villa instantly transforms plain tourists into sophisticated life connoisseurs who approach each destination as a unique opportunity to expand their horizons. People who value the privacy and intimacy of a home away from home indulg...

A great breakfast

A new, 5* complimentary service is been added to our villas! As known, a good day starts with a great breakfast! The Mediterranean breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day for all the nations of the Mediterranean Sea. The question is: what is a good Mediterranean diet breakfast? And the answer is more or less the same for all Mediterranean nations: A simple protein and fiber rich breakfast. Why is breakfast important? Breakfast ...