Crete has a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry Summers and very mild Winters. We have 300 days of sunshine every year and it is the sunniest island in the Mediterranean, after Cyprus. Crete also stays warm the longest of all the Greek islands - you can swim off the coast from early April to mid November. We have no rain at all in June, July and August and during these months the temperature of the sea hovers around 27 degrees centigrade although during these months it has been known for the mercury to reach 40 degrees centigrade on the coast with the highland areas being a little cooler! July and August are also the months of the meltemi which is a cooling northerly wind blowing from the north. The island tends to cool down in late September and there is occasional rain in October and November especially in the interior, highland, areas where snow begins to form on the highest peaks of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains).

The climate in Crete is very mild, and the good weather usually last all through the autumn. In the following chart you can see some figures indicating the climate on the island during spring, summer and autumn.