Passionate travelers who crave to discover the true soul of the places they visit and who seek to enrich their journeys with indelible experiences would hardly consider the typical hotel accommodation options. Staying at a villa instantly transforms plain tourists into sophisticated life connoisseurs who approach each destination as a unique opportunity to expand their horizons. People who value the privacy and intimacy of a home away from home indulge in the luxury of a Cretan villa regardless of their exact travel expectations. In fact, over time, Elafonisi Villas have been ideal havens for various types of guests: Families reuniting under the same roof in a relaxed, children friendly atmosphere; Couples staging romantic escapes; Friends sharing lifetime experiences.

Elafonisi Villas focus on seclusion, which depending on your choice may range from remote under-the-radar abodes for wannabe castaways in one case not even accessed by a proper road (though with all the modern comforts) to smart understated properties conveniently located near some picturesque village, allowing guests to casually mingle with locals if they choose to leave the privacy of their lodges. The Cretan landscape, rough and unspoiled, holds a predominant role, but still travelers have options that vary from the serenity of a private cape, miles away from civilization, to the convenience of houses on the sea front just a stone’s throw from the bustling local community with shops, cafes and restaurants within easy reach.

Nevertheless, in less than two weeks, you will realize that although you have not automatically become a true islander, you will certainly feel like one. And that is the essence of Elafonisi Villas’ experience that will lure you back to Crete over and over again.